Professional Firearms Consultants

Pistol Techniques

Here the focus is on practical shooting techniques and the first five fundamentals of shooting. This intense training course not only helps develop the students' accuracy, but will also dramatically increase their speed while building self-confidence and muscle memory.

Don personally demonstrates and teaches each student the proper and most efficient way to shoot a handgun. In the first part of this class, he will cover basic firearms safety, how to grip a gun properly, preferred shooting platform, trigger control, and single and multiple target acquisition and engagement.

After mastering those skills and firing from the ready-gun position, the class will proceed to proper holster technique for a fast, smooth, and efficient draw. Next, speed, tactical, and slide-lock reloads will be covered.

The remainder of the class will be devoted to intensive drills designed to integrate all of these skills into a safe, cohesive, high-performance skill-set.

This is one of the most challenging and rewarding classes being taught today; Whether you are new to shooting, or have been doing it your whole life, completion of this class is guaranteed to reward you with measurable improvement.

Equipment Needed:

Reliable handgun and 900 - 1000 rounds of ammunition needed.

Length of Class:

One day course


$500 per day plus expenses

Private or Semi-private lessons also available on request.

One-on-One shooting and/or class room: $ 35.00 per hour plus expenses.


Contact us to schedule the Advanced Pistol course.